Blue Monday


This morning in yoga class, the instructor informed us that today is Blue Monday. I know I’ve mentioned that I’ve been struggling this month. Today was affirmation that my fellow class members feel the same. It’s the middle of January and we’re all in a depressed state of mind whether due to the holiday let down, the cold weather, or some other explanation. The exercises today were geared toward lifting our bodies up, and hopefully our minds as well.

Some suggestions she offered consist of reading something entertaining or listening to catchy tunes. Laughter can be the most powerful remedy of all. With that in mind, she handed out homework. The homework is to find a funny joke about dads.

This is the joke she shared:

What did the papa buffalo say to his son on the first day of school?                                       Bi son.

Yes, we all laughed. We’re easily amused. Do you have any uplifting ideas? Feel free to share.




Happy Monday to you

I wish I felt as happy and peppy as my dog this morning. It would be refreshing to be oblivious to the time of day or to the day of the week.
As it is, I'm going to work on getting my extremely puffy eyes to debloat.