Roarin’ Into the Weekend


Universal Studios in Orlando was one of the stops on the road trip my husband and I took last April. I’ve always had a soft spot for large animals. The first dog I ever owned was a 150 lb Newfoundland. Knowing me, if dragons existed, I would own one. Since I can’t have a pet dragon, at least I have a picture of one.

Exploring amusement parks with your children is fun and tiring. Now that our youngest is an adult, my husband and I are free to travel without a caravan of kids in tow. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring Universal Studios at a busy but not so frantic pace. When our kids were younger, it seems as if I was always running after one of them.

I love Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. In addition to loving everything Disney, I am also a Harry Potter fan. I’ve read all seven books and watched all the movies. I could handle being a wizard. Some of us never grow up. The dragon on top of Gringotts was the icing on the cake. As it spewed fire, I grabbed my husband’s arm and started squealing.

If you love Harry Potter, regardless of your age and if you are able to, I highly recommend visiting both Harry Potter worlds at Universal Studios. If you want to travel from Diagon Alley to Hogwarts, take the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 3/4 over to Hogsmeade. You’ll feel as if you’re taking the journey with Harry.


Key West Treat


These pictures are from a road trip my husband and I took back in April. The first picture is the view from our hotel, the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort and Spa. I did not expect to see a giant statue of the famous V-J day picture in front of the Custom House museum, nor did I imagine I would see a life size statue of Marilyn Monroe in front of the Tropic cinema. The last picture of the white house with purple trim is known as The Artist House. This picture was taken as we were passing by on the bus.

An interesting tidbit I learned is that Cuba is closer to Key West than it is to the nearest Walmart.


Tropical Views


Whenever I need a pick me up, I look at pictures of tropical locations. Regardless of the time of year, the photos instantly soothe my psyche.

These pictures were taken in Tahiti on our way to Bora Bora. We were only a short 24 hours on this island, however, the entire family fell in love with the beautiful surroundings. I would love to return to Tahiti and explore the island. The pace is calm and relaxing.


Hot Springs Arkansas Treat

IMG_6888IMG_6880IMG_6909IMG_6905Many people visit Hot Springs Arkansas to bathe in the naturally heated springs. This past May, my husband and I went on a road trip. Hot Springs was intended to be a quick sleep over on our two week road trip. I’m always curious about my surroundings when I travel. As I was leafing through a pile of brochures, I quickly discovered that Anthony Chapel was a quick 15 minute drive from our hotel. I saw this chapel on TV and thought it would be cool to visit, but since Arkansas was not included in our initial travel plans, I never bothered to discover its actual whereabouts.

When I realized how close it was to us, I immediately started squealing and shoved the brochure in front of my husband’s face. Being the sweet husband that he is, he promised me could visit the location the next morning before heading to our next travel stop.

The next morning, we arrived 15 minutes before the gardens opened. Anthony Chapel is at Garvan Woodland Gardens. You do not need to purchase a ticket to view the chapel, however, you do need a ticket to visit the gardens.

Long story short, the brief 15 minutes we allocated to exploring the chapel turned into an hour and a half as we strolled through the easy walking paths of Garvan Woodland Gardens. If you desire a more strenuous workout, you can take one of the many paths leading down small waterfalls to the pools below.

We easily could have spent all morning exploring the beautiful gardens next to this unique chapel.




Communication Gap

I asked my daughter who is in her early 20’s what she thought about an outfit. “Meh” is the response I received.

“Meh,” I replied. “What does ‘meh’ mean?

“You know, it’s just okay. Nothing special.”

This simple word makes me realize that I’ve turned into my parents.

Phrases like: Wise as an owl, curious as a cat, drunk as a skunk and other colorful similes  do not apply to this younger generation. Instead, straight to the point phrases have replaced colorful expressions.

I remember rolling my eyes when I was in my late teens as I tried to explain to my parents current versions of speech. I assumed they were old fashioned and stuck in the past. Am I stuck in the past as well?

Or, is it that as new developments arise in the world, current speech patterns are inadequate to deal with what the younger generation is experiencing. Or are speech patterns reflecting our bleak/direct view of life. There’s no reason to ‘sugar coat’ anything anymore.

Cell phones were not an option when I was a teenager. We used to pass notes in class. Does anyone pass notes anymore? My husband asked for the phone book the other day. I told him to google the phone number.

Well, enough for this blog. I’m dog tired. Until next time.