I Remember When ….

I walked into the nail salon the other day and was surprised by the lack of chatter. A quick glance around the room confirmed my suspicions: the ladies were all occupied with their cell phones.

It seems wherever we go nowadays, technology has taken over places that were hotspots of dialogue overflow. We’ve become slaves to the small instrument that we can hold in our purse, our pocket, our hands. I find myself curiously held almost in bondage to this small device that serves as information, but most importantly, entertainment. It is with an effort that I force myself to part with this small gadget so that I may enjoy my meal and converse with others at the table.

My adult kids wonder how people existed without a cell phone. I take a moment and reflect on my answer. It seems so long ago. My mind strays back to high school and the notes we passed to one another. For rapid disbursement of information, we knew exactly with whom we needed to confide.  There are moments when I miss those moments of silence and then I remember I need to finish my Disney emoji game. IMG_4828