Summer & moving to a new city

IMG_0303I made the mistake of starting this blog shortly before moving to a new city. Moving is exhausting, especially if you try to do most of it on your own. The good news is that I’m down to my last 30 boxes.  YAY!  I stay motivated by concentrating on one box at a time.

It also helps to take short breaks. The other day, my son and I took our dog for a walk. A simple break, but a well needed and deserved respite from figuring out how I’m going to stuff everything into our new residence.

I love summer. This is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The warmth and the laid back attitude will hopefully inspire me to post more to the site, especially after I unpack and stow away the last 30 boxes.


This is the time of year when my thoughts become more and more nostalgic. Holidays spent as a child and memories of moments spent with my husband and children flood my mind.  Sometimes I feel as if these thoughts are weighing me down. When I feel overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and watch a light Christmas movie or read a book by one of my favorite authors. If I’m feeling particularly industrious, I clean my house and/or crank up some Christmas music and dance around the kitchen.  The kitchen is the best place to dance, because I can slide around the floor. My husband likes to tool around in the garage or play a game of golf. If you have a hobby, or want to take one up, go ahead and pursue it. Don’t let nostalgic thoughts weigh you down, instead be grateful for those memories that you have.

Love looking at Christmas decorations.

Stayin’ Positive

I decided to start a blog to emphasis the positive aspects of life. Staying positive is crucial to everyone’s happiness and well-being. It seems that everywhere we turn nowadays, there’s hurt, anger, fear, etc. These thoughts, emotions, words and actions, play on each one of us to differing degrees. Sometimes, it’s difficult to remain optimistic when faced with life challenges. I’ve always been an optimistic person, however, the past few years have strenuously tested this point of view. I’ve discovered that sometimes the smallest gesture, word, deed, etc. can elevate one’s mood. This is a feel good blog. Feel free to post positive comments. No negativity, please.

My happy challenge for today is this: Look into the mirror and find a positive word to describe yourself. Yes, you can do this. It can be something as simple as, I have a nice smile.