I have never been a sun worshipper due to my fair skin and blonde hair. I am one of those individuals who religiously applies sunscreen even if I’m only planning to spend a few moments in the great outdoors.

When I was in my teens, I tried numerous times to achieve a beautiful golden tan. This was not a possibility due to several reasons:  First, I have no patience and become quickly bored.  Second, the sun beating on my head, even with the added protection of a hat, always gives me a headache. Third, tanning beds hold no allure for me. Fourth, I am not a fan of spray on tans.

When I was 19, I discovered that my umbrella was useful not only for protection from the rain but also the sun. I happily traipsed over ruins on the island of Corfu and roamed the streets of Athens safely protected with my handy umbrella and layers of sunscreen.

While others were melting from the unrelenting rays of the sun, I enjoyed my own personal shade. I was never a victim of hat hair. As I grew older, my family never lost sight of their own personal tour guide due to my growing flamboyant umbrellas. I rivaled many commercial tour guides.



This picture was taken at Versailles. I was in such a rush to visit this beautiful site that I inadvertently left my umbrella in the hotel room. My husband spotted this souvenir and purchased it for me.

This beautiful, yet strong parasol came in handy not only as a sunshade but as a makeshift cane as I struggled over rock strewn sites on our travel.