Bora Bora

I love traveling. One of the most enchanting trips I experienced was when my family and I visited Bora Bora. The logistics of getting to the island are challenging and on the expensive side, but once you arrive the magic of this place is evident.


This vacation spot is idyll for couples. It is popular for weddings and honeymoons. The pace is quiet and relaxed. The island is surrounded by a  barrier reef and a lagoon. The combination is perfect for snorkeling and/or diving. I was impressed by the clarity and calmness of the water.

I’ve visited other islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean, but none cast a spell on me the way this island did. Hopefully, I will be able to revisit this paradise one day.




Island Hopping

Today I woke to the wind howling at 25 mph. Winter is steadily approaching and my thoughts turn to the islands. One of the most beautiful, relaxing vacations I had the pleasure of experiencing was when my family and I visited the island of Bora Bora.

When I need a refreshing outlook, I search through old photos of our trip and/or check on Pinterest for images of this beautiful oasis. These reflections instantly calm and soothe my spirit and mind. 10922423_887170124636346_9100524977188710167_n