Panama City and Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach was an unexpected treat. On the route to the beach, we passed through Panama City and spied an upside down building. Due to time restrictions, we were not able to explore this building which contains attractions that are promised to challenge your mind and spark the imagination. Across the street is Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum contained within a replica of the Titanic.

We ate on the beach at Sharky’s and then dipped our toes in the soft sand and cool water. We quickly exited the water when we noticed a three full bull shark swimming approximately 15 feet away from us in the water.

Besides these attractions, there are miles of white sand beaches which comprise Panama City Beach. On the Shell Island peninsula, St Andrews State Park has beaches and nature trails. Dolphins and sea turtles are known to swim in the waters offshore. Next time we visit, we will definitely allocate enough time to explore some of these attractions.