Minimal Exercise

IMG_1033I have never been a sports and/or exercise enthusiast. When I was younger, I exercised primarily for aesthetic purposes. As I grew older, my focus shifted to my health. Don’t get me wrong, my stomach still clenches when I’m reminded each year that swimsuit season is approaching. I have become, however, more attuned to the needs and limitations of my body.

I know many people feel they haven’t accomplished anything if their bodies aren’t drenched in sweat after working out. Good for them. Do to my health, there are days when kegel exercises in the shower is as good as it gets. I try to do a hundred after I soak my hair in conditioner. On my good days, maybe 2 to 3 times a week, I do 20 minutes of simple stretching and light weights. If I can, I do 30 minutes of some type of light cardio, i.e. walking around the house, hula hooping or using a kick board in the pool.

After I exercise, my mind feels more focused and my body feels more alert. I used to feel frustrated and give up if I didn’t have a set exercise routine. Now, I realize that even if I am able to walk a few extra steps, or do a couple of stairs, that at least I’m moving. If my feet are bad, I do simple arm movements and upper body twisting while sitting.

I used to feel embarrassed about sharing my exercise routine with others because honestly, there’s not much to it. The lovely part about growing older is that I’ve become less obsessed about what others think.

If I have a serious craving for hard-core exercise, I watch American Ninja Warrior on T.V. I follow each contestants progress diligently while doing arm circles in the air.



Author: thebritesiteoflife

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor and Eternal Optimist

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