Face the Foundation

When I was younger, I had a love/hate relationship with wearing foundation. I loved it because it concealed all my flaws (or so I thought) but hated it because I felt like I was wearing a mask. At the time, I struggled with acne. The more concealer and foundation I applied, the worse my skin got. Finally, I went to a dermatologist. He had me throw out my foundation, put me on some antibiotics and told me to buy a water based foundation. I questioned the doctor’s sanity at the time, because initially my skin got worse instead of better. Two years later and I learned that the layers of foundation I was wearing was doing nothing to improve my appearance.

I mentioned before that your face is like a canvas. Concealer and foundation prime the canvas for the total makeup experience. There are all kinds of concealer to choose from whether it be powder, spray or liquid. I’m in love with Giorgio Armani’s luminous silk foundation. It is so light, I feel as if I’m putting a delicate layer of silk on my face. It’s expensive, but I use so little it easily lasts a year. I also love their concealer. Another line I love that is significantly cheaper is L’Oreals line of foundation.

Before I apply foundation, I lightly apply concealer to the skin under my eyes and to any other areas that need a little extra help. Next, I mix a foundation cocktail which consists of 1-2 pumps of Origins A Perfect World (I love this stuff. Sometimes, I put it on my face all by itself), 1 drop of foundation and 1 pump of an illuminator. This is typically a tint that can brighten the complexion. My favorite is Borghese Splendore, however, almost every line now carries some type of illuminator. or glow enhancer. The result of this mixture is that my skin feels soft with a slight luminous glow.

My daughters prefer a spray foundation, Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation.



Whichever foundation you choose, it should enhance your skin and feel comfortable. #nofilters




St Augustine Climb

Last Saturday we visited St Augustine in Florida. St Augustine is the oldest continually inhabited city in the U.S. Founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers, it is also known as the nation’s oldest city.

With only 2 hours to investigate this sea side town, we elected to explore the lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1874. The St Augustine Maritime Museum ensures that a light is kept burning as an aid-to-navigation. There is an admission cost if you decide to climb the lighthouse or explore the surrounding grounds.

We paid our admission and entered the grounds. There are nature trails you can explore, but with so little time, we headed directly to the lighthouse.

En route to the top, there were interesting tidbits about the history of the lighthouse. The 219 steps, if you don’t mind heights, lead to a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

After the lighthouse, we explored the keeper’s house. It was interesting to see that since 1997, maritime archaeology has been funded by the St Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum.

After the lighthouse, we parked by Flagler College on King St. This area immediately caught our notice while passing through town. It is extremely picturesque populated with shops and restaurants. We also visited the lovely Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine. I noticed there were quite a few museums as well. The beautiful weather ensured that we passed a quick, but delightful two hours.

Your Face as a Canvas

pexels-photo-235985.jpegI’ve heard numerous times that your face is a canvas and the makeup that is applied should enhance that canvas. A smooth, blemish free surface is preferable but not always possible.

When I was a teenager, I had the worst case of acne. I couldn’t pour enough concealer and foundation on my skin. The more I tried to hide my blemishes, the worse they got. It took me two years to clear up my blemishes. In that time, I learned old adages can be relevant.

Always remove your makeup before you go to bed. In my 29+ years of existence, I’ve gone to bed 3 times without removing my makeup. My skin suffered from hangover makeup blues the next day. If you do happen to go to bed with your makeup on, thoroughly clean your skin the next morning.

Drink water. Something so basic, but challenging at the same time. To encourage myself to drink more water, I will add some fruit slices, or fruit juice in with my H2O. I also love sparkling water. I buy it by the case.

Sunscreen. I’ve never been a sun worshipper. I have friends who religiously tanned and their skin shows the damage. There are all kinds of sunscreen on the market. There are also foundations that contain sunscreen. If you are going to be out in the full sun, even if your foundation contains sunscreen, apply a layer of sunscreen. For my face, I use a fragrance free formula. Don’t forget your neck. Your neck and the back of your hands will betray you if you neglect them.

If your canvas is ready, you can go on to the next step … prepping the surface.


Strasbourg, France

The first time I remember visiting Strasbourg, I was 14 years old. Since that first visit, every time I visit my family in France, I visit this beautiful city. Strasbourg is located in the historic region of Alsace. Besides being the seat of the European Parliament, it is located on the eastern border of France by Germany.

The city is known primarily for its sandstone Gothic cathedral and its famous astronomical clock. The cathedral is considered to be one of the finest examples of late gothic architecture. There has been a clock in the cathedral since approximately 1352. This is the third clock and dates from 1843. Every day at solar noon, there is a procession of eighteen inch figures of Christ and the Apostles. The life size cock crows three times.

My favorite place to visit in Strasbourg is La Petite Franc. It is in the historic area of the city. The pictures above are of the exterior of the cathedral and la petite France. In La Petite France, you can find restaurants and shops. The best way to explore this area, and my favorite mode of exploration, is by walking. Wear comfortable shoes because of the cobblestone streets. If walking is not your forte, you can also take a boat tour. Enjoy!




Tea For Your Eyes


Today I’m deviating from my usual travel blog to share with you something I discovered. Lately, due to the weather and allergies, I’ve been waking up to two swollen steamer trunks under my eyes. Makeup junkie that I am, every time I see an advertisement professing to cure my dark circles and puffy eyes, I run out to buy it. Obviously, if my favorite celebrity wears it then it must work. The result is that I have a drawer full of eye creams that guarantee to shrink my wallet size, but have yet to reduce my swollen eyes.

The other day, I decided to try an old natural recipe, tea bags. I made a cup of tea, let the tea bag steep for 3 min then poured it into a plastic container and stuck it in the refrigerator. I read that many people cool the actual tea bags and place this over their eyes, but I opted to cool the actual tea.

The next morning, I awoke to two orbs surrounded by puffy skin. I immediately grabbed the tea container out of the refrigerator, dipped two cotton puffs into it and placed it on my eyes. Since I have no patience, I only left the cotton puffs on for about three minutes.  When I removed the puffs, I realized I actually have two eyes.

I’ve heard that you should leave the tea/tea bags on your eyes for a minimum of 10 min. I know cucumber slices are supposed to work as well, however, I’m not a fan of cucumbers. If you have any natural dark circle/puffy eye recipes, feel free to share.